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Tongyuan Plastics Co., Ltd has established since 1971. We are specialized in all kinds of flexible packaging materials. The markets in which we supply packaging include edibles, beverages, cosmetics, and chemicals.  We have also invested in Tong Yuan Packaging Co., Ltd. in Vietnam since 1996. We constantly introduce state-of-the-art facilities in order to increase the efficiency of production. Lately, our team has been passionately creating and bringing about new functional packaging designs to the markets to satisfy all your flexible packaging needs. We are currently developing antibacterial packaging materials.
Words from our Chairman
Global warming has caused the environmental and climate changes. It is also a challenge for us to keep the freshness of the content by using correct packaging materials under greenhouse effect. For all these years, our team has been developing and researching new types of packaging products to the markets. We insist the policy of honesty; intention and profession to provide our customers qualified products. With more than 40 years experiences, we help you elevate your product’s brand with a better value. We welcome your next packaging challenge.

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